The world of Her Secret Dream
Whether soft silent shiver
Or pillow biting scream

Coming soon from the Guardian of Dreams ......

Coming soon from My head in the clouds ......

Coming soon from Her Secret dreams ......

“When I close my eyes,
Sigh my breathless sighs,
the angel erotica sprinkles, it seems,
all the missing pieces to my dreams.


What happens in our dreams.. we could try to make them stay in our dreams..

But the shivers and tingles and gasps and sighs betray us.

Here is something should you need some company that you can pick up and release at your will.

No small talk. No everyday shop talk. Just secrets that come and go at a whim.

You are the only person…. who can keep this naughty secret…

taking fantasy and tingles… to depths and heights that may shock even your closest friends.

We all have somewhere only we know…. only we NEED to know… our shusssshhhh moments… deep inside our dreams and fantasies … our escape to Thrill-topia.

Just closed eyes and a free hand, for those few secret moments of ‘you time’. 

This isn’t preach and teach Psychology. 

This is remote mutual companionship. 

Allow yourself to drift body, mind and soul into that most intense fantasy movie you need right now want right now, desire right now.

And feel my reassuring words guiding you to that place.. stay there with you… until you need no more….