Her Secret Dream

Dreams are fascinating and can offer unique insights into our subconscious mind. They can be a combination of memories, emotions, fears, desires, and random thoughts. Sometimes you really want to know what a dream means and sometimes you just want to enjoy and know no more than the pleasure it gives you. What is your dream? What is your secret? Are they living in your mind as one? 

My head in the clouds

Some may say I’m too much of a dreamer, many will say ‘get your head out of the clouds’

I love there is no line between fantasy and reality.

Everything starts with a thought, every thought I have creates a dream. Every dream I live is my reality. There’s no escape about it. I am living my dreams.

Her Secret Dream

That moment when you find out your darkest secret isn’t exclusive to you. It’s a desire shared by others, no matter how few. But what to do? Can the intensity of keeping it deep inside, just for you, be magnified by sharing with like minded? Or even better a teacher of secrets.

Guardian of Dreams

Tell me your desires


I will tell you my dreams.

Take me by the hand


Teach me every scene

Through all the steam


Everything in-between.